White Pelicans of Lockport, Manitoba

Only a short drive north of Winnipeg, Canada on the Red River, is the town of Lockport, Manitoba.  Home to St. Andrews Lock and Dam and the majestic American White Pelican, who are routinely seen almost floating in the air as they come in for landing, downstream of the turbulent waters.  The Red River at this location, is renowned for it’s fishing, particularly for the Catfish.  It also provides a very abundant food source for the White Pelican.

There seems to be a reasonable co-existence between local anglers and the Pelicans.  I say reasonable because the few times I have photographed there, an occasional fisherman shows his displeasure with the fact the Pelicans are taking away his potential catch.  More likely frustration over a poor outing, of course I don’t share this view.   Particularly when ten feet away a local fisherman is tossing his unwanted catch right into the mouth of the awaiting birds.  It’s a little like feeding your dogs from your dinner plate daily, which I am very guilty of, by the way; and then expecting that dog to behave perfectly when company comes over.

Coming in for a landing


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