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Fierce Polar Bear, Journey to Churchill


I really got lucky on this day photographing the Polar Bears swimming underwater at The Journey to Churchill.   My wife and I have been members and visited them well over a dozen times and only seen this behaviour once.


Goat on play structure, Pineridge Hollow, Manitoba


Pineridge Hollow near Birdshill Provincial Park, Oakbank, Manitoba is great destination for a short day trip.  The quaint rustic property includes a wonderful store, restaurant, and summer farmers market.  But for me being a photographer and animal-lover, the goat on his/her very own play structure was the highlight.


Emu, so ugly they’re cute?


Another Emu shot from the Assiniboine Park Zoo, Australian walkabout exhibit, this took close to 30 minutes patiently waiting for this guy to cooperate and face the camera without a distracting background.   Kudos go to my patient wife, as well.   Whether you find them homely or strangely cute, they are very interesting subjects.

Don’t forget to walk your dog today, it makes them so happy!

Angus, waiting to go for a winter walk.

Angus, really enjoying his winter walk.  I think the photo’s speak for themselves, don’t forget to exercise your furry friend today.