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Winnipeg skyline at night


The Canadian Museum for Human Rights and Esplanade Riel Bridge reflection in Winnipeg’s Red River.


Fall colors of Winnipeg

Trembling Aspen trees, using a manual shift. This image is not Photoshopped, it is done in camera using a tilt/shift lens and nature’s own colour palette on a perfect fall day. It is white balanced, with adjustments to contrast, and levels.

Esplanade Riel Pedestrian Bridge

Esplanade Riel Bridge on a scenic winter morning, Winnipeg, Canada

Winnipeg’s iconic Esplanade Riel Bridge and frost covered tree branches.

Esplanade Riel Pedestrian Bridge, Winnipeg, Canada

Winnipeg’s iconic pedestrian bridge with it’s seasonal restaurant.  The Esplanade Riel Bridge crosses the Red River in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba.  It’s probably become the city’s most recognizable modern architectural structure, until the Canadian Museum for Human Rights is completed, that is.

From the frozen Red River

Summer view at night

In previous years , the Assiniboine River ice skating trail has run all the way to the bridge, but frazil ice prevented full completion this past winter.  The ice skating trail was extended further south down the Red, to make up for the shortfall.