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Goat on play structure, Pineridge Hollow, Manitoba


Pineridge Hollow near Birdshill Provincial Park, Oakbank, Manitoba is great destination for a short day trip.  The quaint rustic property includes a wonderful store, restaurant, and summer farmers market.  But for me being a photographer and animal-lover, the goat on his/her very own play structure was the highlight.



Arctic Fox with fish


Arctic Fox, captive, at Assiniboine Park Zoo.  Had to photograph this guy with his fish, even though it was through some frosty thick enclosure glass.

Sad sack Santa Claus dog

Angus, overjoyed that he got to dress up like Santa.   Normally I don’t much care for setup or studio animal photography, but my wife thought it would make for a nice family Christmas card, so after stopping by the local dollar store here is the result.  Not exactly a hallmark card, but he pretty much has this expression 99 % of the time.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Great Pyrenees Puppy becomes a new bestie for Angus

After a year by himself, Angus finally got a new best friend.  ‘Fergus’ is a 11 week old Pyrenean Mountain Dog or Great Pyrenees, they’re getting along great, can already see a positive change in Angus.  Only one photo to post at the moment but many more are sure to follow.