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Goat on play structure, Pineridge Hollow, Manitoba


Pineridge Hollow near Birdshill Provincial Park, Oakbank, Manitoba is great destination for a short day trip.  The quaint rustic property includes a wonderful store, restaurant, and summer farmers market.  But for me being a photographer and animal-lover, the goat on his/her very own play structure was the highlight.



Sad sack Santa Claus dog

Angus, overjoyed that he got to dress up like Santa.   Normally I don’t much care for setup or studio animal photography, but my wife thought it would make for a nice family Christmas card, so after stopping by the local dollar store here is the result.  Not exactly a hallmark card, but he pretty much has this expression 99 % of the time.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Great Pyrenees Puppy becomes a new bestie for Angus

After a year by himself, Angus finally got a new best friend.  ‘Fergus’ is a 11 week old Pyrenean Mountain Dog or Great Pyrenees, they’re getting along great, can already see a positive change in Angus.  Only one photo to post at the moment but many more are sure to follow.