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Great Pyrenees portrait


Fergus in black and white, with selective eye colouring


Bighorn Sheep portrait, Banff


A Bighorn Sheep Ram in Banff National Park, these animals are so used to people, images like this are fairly easy to get.  This was shot at only 200MM, so you don’t always need a giant 400-600mm Canon.  The key is to be patient and not spook these guys by running around after them like many tourists tend to do.  Fergus and Angus never bark or startle wildlife, thankfully.   Below is a snapshot of Fergus watching this very scene unfold.  Angus is so used to this that he sleeps in the back of our SUV with little interest.


Great Pyrenees Fergus on his first roadtrip

Fergus in Banff on his first official roadtrip, which included overnight camping, staying in a hotel 3 nights, hiking, window shopping and countless hours in the vehicle with his pal Angus.  He overcame a fear of tile floors, and passed with flying colours.

People watching

Heading off down the street in full plumage.

My puppy ‘Fergus’ is becoming a giant!

Fergus the Great Pyrenees at about 10 weeks, a few days after we got him.

About 3 months sitting outside…

In his element at a nearby park, 4 months and 1 week at this point.  Calling him a ‘giant’ may be a slight exaggeration.  We met both his parents, so are well aware of his size potential, but nevertheless his growth rate is really something to experience.   He has a very calm, easy going disposition, loves people and other dogs, and is also already exhibiting his guardian tendencies around the house.