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Surprise visitors, Stewart Canyon, Banff


These guys wandered into my landscape shot while I photographed the trestle bridge at Stewart Canyon, near Lake Minnewanka, Banff.  Now it doesn’t look like they are very close, but I was using a 16-35mm lens on my full frame camera, so they are very close.  One of those rare lucky moments took a pretty mundane image and made it much more memorable.  A group of tourists along with my wife and two dogs retreated from the bridge allowing them to cross without much stress.

We returned the next day, hoping to get them front on as they crossed, but after a couple hours of patiently waiting had to move one due to time constraints and impatient dogs, I did manage a few other images on the return including the rocky island in Lake Minnewanka, below.



Badlands landscape, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada

Dinosaur PP-48-Edit

Badlands in Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada.  They can appear almost other-worldly in the right light.  The wind gusts at the time of this image made for a nice sand blasting effect on exposed skin, and made me worry about the fine dust entering my camera and creating some nice dust spots.  I’m glad I stayed and my Canon 5D mark III passed the weather sealing test without any adverse issues.  My wife returned to our campsite with Fergus and Angus to protect their eyes from the dust storm.

Highland Cattle Portrait, Alberta



Highland Cattle portrait from a trip out west into Kananaskis Country, Alberta where many western films and TV series are shot.  This longhorn posed with grass in mouth nicely, but removing 20+ flies and snot took a bit of work, not to be gross but high resolution close ups show a lot of detail.