The ‘Rule Breaker’

When this female moose ran by on a foggy fall morning, in Jasper National Park, I fired off a quick shot.   When I checked my settings, I was instantly disappointed.  Shutter speed was only 1/25 not nearly fast enough to freeze motion, the histogram showed blown highlights and I only managed a single frame.  We went about our morning exploring the shoreline of Maligne Lake, and getting a few interesting images.  When I returned home and viewed this on a large monitor, it began to grow on me.  It seems that when I shot this image I was fortunate to have panned along with the moose, creating a decent motion blurred effect and the head was still relatively sharp.  A skill I don’t often employ, something a Formula 1 race car photographer would be particularly good at.

As a professional photographer, who submits images to stock agencies, it’s very easy to get fixated on the technically perfect image.  That’s not to say you shouldn’t understand as much as possible about the technical aspects of photography, but to me photography is more a craft than anything else.  Part technical and part artistic, of course the latter is always subjective, and you will never stop learning the details.  Many great photographers push the limits, or ‘break the rules’ to produce some awe-inspiring images.  Many won’t tell you how many of their images are absolute failures.  I have had my fair share, that’s for sure, but on this one I got lucky.


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