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Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, Alberta


A hiking trail winding its way through the hoodoos of Writing-on-Stone Provincial Park, in southeastern Alberta, Canada.  The park is situated in the Milk River Valley and offers a pretty easy hiking trail through a badlands landscape.


Hiking Parker Ridge Trail, Banff

Saskatchewan Glacier

View of the glacier, after the fog lifted.  A short 1 hour hike up and maybe 20 minutes down.  When we arrived it was totally socked in.  We waited it out on the ridge for 2 hours and thankfully the fog burned off enough to experience what is a great view.   When you get to the top of the ridge make sure you continue on, it’s well worth it.

Fog lifting, on our arrival we could see absolutely nothing even though it was clear near Lake Louise, once we hit the Parkway visibility was a couple hundred meters at best.

My wife enjoying the view.

Looking towards Jasper, Icefields Parkway below.

Family photo

Badlands landscape, Drumheller, Alberta

Badlands of Southern Alberta, near Drumheller.  This area really illustrates how wind and water erosion work on planet earth, and almost appears otherworldly in some places.  Most are familiar with a more well known photo of the hoodoos in this area, that you can essentially drive right up to, pictured below.  But if you take a short hike, you’ll find many interesting places.

Hoodoos, they look absolutely massive in this photo, but they’re not that large, although they are very impressive.  This was shot in 2010 when you could still get up close and personal, now they have built a walkway in attempt to keep people from climbing all over the rock formations, and destroying them.

Windblown trees on the Wild Pacific Trail, Vancouver Island

Windblown trees on the Pacific Coast, while hiking the Wild Pacific Trail.  The trail offers some truly breathtaking vistas, and is a fairly easy hike if you don’t mind the relentless rain.  That’s not to say you won’t get beautiful sunny weather, but don’t plan on it.  However, without the heavy rainfall and onshore winds this lush, windblown coastal rainforest wouldn’t exist.

Prince of Wales Hotel at dusk, Waterton Lakes National Park

This shot of the Prince of Wales Hotel in Waterton Lakes National Park has been sitting in my archives undeveloped for 2 1/2 years.  I always plan on getting to these older images, but with so may photo’s, it’s impossible to get to them all.  This is a blend from two exposures.

View from the Wild Pacific Trail, driftwood on the Pacific Coast

Driftwood logs washed ashore near Ucluelet, British Columbia on the west coast of Vancouver Island.   Photographed from the Wild Pacific Trail.