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Close up Photography


Spring is often the dirty season where sweeping landscapes don’t look that great.   It’s the perfect time to focus on close ups and detail shots, such as melting ice, snow, puddle reflections etc.  Here are a couple of recent shots as I wait for the milder weather.  Fergus in Black and White doing what he does best, and a shot of a wooden pencil using 14 stacked images and the Canon 100 mm macro lens for maximum depth of field.



Anatomy of a pink flower, macro


Who doesn’t appreciate a flower image.  Here is one from spring 2013 shot at Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg, using a Canon 100mm Macro hand held and cropped slightly for a symmetrical composition.  I’m too lazy to research the flower type at the moment, so I apologize for not including the species.

Sunflowers on the Canadian Prairie and one vibrant green Grasshopper

I finally got around to planning a trip to photograph some Sunflower crops under good conditions.  The last year or so it seems I would stumble across a field of these normally colorful plants in exactly the wrong time.  Either they were hanging straight down well past maturity with seemingly all the life sucked out of them, or it was too early in the life cycle for anything interesting.  I was fortunate enough to discover this vibrant Grasshopper on the flower head.  I’m sure the farmer wouldn’t be quite as impressed.