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Winnipeg skyline at night


The Canadian Museum for Human Rights and Esplanade Riel Bridge reflection in Winnipeg’s Red River.


Canadian Museum for Human Rights at night, Winnipeg


Finally got a chance to photograph the Canadian Museum for Human Rights at night after concentrating on travel images from Eastern Canada.  Amazing building and look forward to more detailed interior shots at some point.


Winnipeg’s Folklorama, opening night

Winnipeg’s annual Folklorama is the longest running and largest multicultural festival of it’s type in the world.  A few shots of opening night at The Forks.   More information is available at folklorama.ca

Above photo:  Philippine Pavilion



Spanish Flamenco dancers

Winnipeg winter photos: A personal top ten list

Cold morning sunrise, I can still feel or rather not feel my frozen fingers.

My own personal favorites of Winnipeg winter shots.  Purely subjective, of course, because often there is more behind an image than can be seen by the viewer.  In no particular order, but since winter has officially arrived on the Canadian Prairies it seemed fitting.  Today is the first real snow day, the kind where you shovel your walk/driveway and an hour later it has blown back in, looking like you had not shoveled at all.

Angus, enduring the blowing snow

Senior couple skating on the Assiniboine River

Hoar frost covered tree

Rail bridge over the Red River

Portrait of my wife, now you know why I included the disclaimer, “in no particular order”.

Ice skating at The Forks

Winter dog walk

Freeze up on the Assiniboine River

And just to be fair, Freeze up on the Red River.  Technically just north of the city.

Portrait of the Basset Hound

I’m always a sucker for a cute dog.  These guys were out for a stroll at The Forks Market in downtown Winnipeg on a very warm day.

The owner told me of a local Basset Hound walk, to benefit the well being of wonderful animals such as these.  Unfortunately I was not able to attend, Wallace and Angus were invited as well.  Even though they are Labs they don’t discriminate.

Waiting for a treat!

Man’s best friend, The Forks, Winnipeg

Two best friends sharing a park bench at The Forks in downtown Winnipeg.  I really like this image, not only because of this wonderful dog, but the fact he and his owner are glancing at each other as they watch passers-by.  Photography is much about timing and this is a prime example of that fleeting moment that can disappear very quickly.  The sun also manages to filter through the trees creating a nice catch light in this beautiful Golden Retriever’s eye at just the right moment.

The Forks in Winnipeg on a mild spring day


The mild spring weather brought out the people to The Forks in large numbers on the weekend.  For a city of under a million Winnipeg has a very diverse and interesting population.  No better place to see this then the city’s primary  ‘meeting place’ at The Forks in downtown.

Group of spectators watching busker.

Animal lovers petting a Chinese Shar-Pei

Body Art at the Skateboard Park/Plaza

Shopping inside the Forks Market