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Landscape Photography fail leads to the big marsh.


As a landscape photographer you learn quickly to accept failed attempts when it comes to getting that one great image, particularly when it comes to the weather cooperating.  We set out on the past weekend to find a pebble beach for the forecasted mixed cloud sunset.  Promising for an interesting long exposure image on the east side of Lake Winnipeg.  At very least my wife could find some much prized chanterelle mushrooms and the dogs could get in a good hike.

After several hours of scouting I failed to find that perfect location, the interesting sky was clearing over the big lake, and we found only a handful of mushrooms.  The dogs did get in a moderate hike, however.  We scrapped the shoot and decided to stop by Oak Hammock Marsh prior to sunset in an attempt to salvage the days photography.  Not the best time of year for marsh activity, but we did get in another decent hike and a few keepers.

I particularly liked the image above of the Purple Martin House, although it lacks any bird activity which would have made for a much more interesting image.


Viewing blind at sunset




Icelandic Festival of Manitoba, Gimli


A few images from the Viking Village at the annual Icelandic Festival of Manitoba.  Last year I shot more of the Viking battle scenes, this year I made an effort to shoot the village. Because I arrived a bit late I choose my favourite camera lens combination, the Canon 5D Mark III and the 70-200 f/2.8L IS II and shot handheld.




Goat on play structure, Pineridge Hollow, Manitoba


Pineridge Hollow near Birdshill Provincial Park, Oakbank, Manitoba is great destination for a short day trip.  The quaint rustic property includes a wonderful store, restaurant, and summer farmers market.  But for me being a photographer and animal-lover, the goat on his/her very own play structure was the highlight.


Polar Bear attack, Journey to Churchill


The title of this post could be a bit misleading, but it is what it is.  Here is one of Winnipeg’s young Polar Bears swimming for the first time in the Journey to Churchill.  He made repeated playful attacks on the zoo onlookers while they watched through the underwater tunnel.  Amazing sight to see in person, especially if you’re in direct line of sight with camera in hand.  I didn’t get so lucky, but managed a descent shot at this angle.  A fast prime lens and a camera with good ISO performance is certainly the way to go.  It’s a very tough photographic situation shooting through very thick plexiglass and cloudy water.

I’ve experimented with a variety of lenses and settings, this was shot with a 5D markIII and 24-70 f 2.8, I’ve had good luck with 24 and 35 f1.4 lenses as well, don’t bother with longer lenses as the cloudy water will degrade the image quality quickly.  Shutter speeds range from 1/800 and up using servo focus tracking.  Try shooting were the glass is flat and block stray light with your hand.  With a fast lens you could try a polarizer to reduce reflections, but bare in mind you will lose upto 2 stops of light.  I set ISO on auto, but will manually adjust it if I have time and the bears are in the right location.  If you have time and are patient, find the best position with good frontal lighting and wait, it’s better than chasing them around.  Good luck.

A short visit to the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden, Assiniboine Park


The pond at the Leo Mol Sculpture Garden in Winnipeg’s Assiniboine Park.  I’m fortunate to live nearby and visit the park often.  It’s a great place for a variety of photography with the English Gardens, duck pond, and zoo also located in the park.  It’s also a favourite for our two dogs Fergus and Angus.


The arbor, a popular location for exchanging wedding vows.




A bonus shot of the thatched roof cottage in the English Garden.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Winnipeg – a short interior photo tour


A few interior shots of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in downtown Winnipeg, included are some of the amazing architecture and exhibit areas.  Highly recommended if you find yourself in Winnipeg, Canada.


Alabaster stone walkways


Exhibit spaces