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American Falls, Niagara Falls at night

20121015 Niagara Falls-32-2-Edit


View of American Falls and Rainbow Bridge from the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.  I sat on this image for over a year, because I knew it required some serious work.  I manually blended 3 separate exposures with different white balancing and colour correction to come up with something usable.  The overhead flood lighting and dark night made for a bit of a challenge, but the end result appears the way I remember the scene.  As good as today’s pro digital cameras are, no sensor could deal with the dynamic range of this scene with a single exposure, and the complex movement and lighting made me choose to develop this manually rather then go the HDR route.


Niagara Skywheel at night using Canon 24 MM Tilt Shift Lens

20121015 Niagara Falls-72-2


Ferris Wheel in Niagara Falls at night using Canon 24TS-E Lens Mark ll.  I’m really trying to make a concerted effort to limit the amount of gear I carry, particularly when travelling.  I’m on the verge of going with only 3 main lenses, but haven’t quite gotten to that point yet.  I have definitely settled on the 24mm Tilt/Shift for Landscape/Architecture shots, even though it isn’t super wide.  It’s perspective control, great depth of field control plus edge to edge sharpness have won me over, once I got over the sticker shock.