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Scrap metal Recycling, Thunder Bay


Scrap metal recycling in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Came across this on a recent road trip and the bonus was it was wide open next to a road.  No trespassing or fence climbing required, which I try to avoid of course.


With an abandoned grain terminal in the background.

Sea Lion Arch on Lake Superior, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Ontario


The Sea Lion, on Lake Superior, located in Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada.  This is a 20 second exposure using a 10 stop neutral density filter to soften the water.  Two images focus stacked to get the necessary depth of field in the foreground and background.

Big Nickel, Sudbury and sunstar


The iconic “Big Nickel” in Sudbury, Ontario shot at F22 for maximum sunstar effect, yes, diffraction kicks in if your an extreme pixel peeper but I’m not, and since the front side of the coin was in shadow this gave me a usable image.  You don’t always arrive under the greatest lighting conditions, so you learn to adapt to each situation.

Sunset over Lake Superior, Ontario


Sun setting over a pebble beach on the north shore of Lake Superior.  This is near one of our favourite campsites in Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada.  The landscape on the north shore of Lake Superior rivals anything in Ontario, including Killarney and Algonquin, in my humble opinion.  It sometimes requires a bit of a hike to find the perfect spot but can be well worth it.  The park itself is easily accessible, most attractions are right off the highway.

Toronto, road trip photos

Last week on a road trip to Toronto, we spent two full days exploring the downtown on foot.  We walked close to 20 km over the two days and after carrying my heavy camera backpack and with two very weary dogs, who got plenty of attention from dog-lovers we headed back towards Winnipeg, I ended up with some decent urban images despite a day of mostly dismal overcast skies.  Here are a few quick memorable shots, everything handheld.


Financial district towers


Of course shooting Toronto wouldn’t be complete without a CN Tower shot, here with street car cables in the foreground.


and lastly homeless man in a park near Kensington Market District.