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Whirlpool, Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba


A very long exposure of the whirlpool of flowing water at Rainbow Falls in Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba.  This was slowed by about 12 stops using a very strong Neutral Density filter and polarizer for a 30 second exposure.  Several Labrador Retrievers were in the water at the time, but because they remained in motion disappeared from the frame with only a slight photoshop touch up to remove their ghosting.


Rainbow Falls, autumn, Whiteshell Provincial Park


Fall image of Rainbow Falls in Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba, Canada.  This is a long exposure using an ND filter and polarizer to emphasize the whirlpool action of the water, and to eliminate the small group of people wading into the water on a very warm fall day.  Even with the long exposure I had to blend several images together to eliminate any sunbathers that didn’t move through the frame.  The temp. was in the upper 20’s celsius.

American Falls, Niagara Falls at night

20121015 Niagara Falls-32-2-Edit


View of American Falls and Rainbow Bridge from the Canadian side of Niagara Falls.  I sat on this image for over a year, because I knew it required some serious work.  I manually blended 3 separate exposures with different white balancing and colour correction to come up with something usable.  The overhead flood lighting and dark night made for a bit of a challenge, but the end result appears the way I remember the scene.  As good as today’s pro digital cameras are, no sensor could deal with the dynamic range of this scene with a single exposure, and the complex movement and lighting made me choose to develop this manually rather then go the HDR route.