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Detail of a white flower


A simple, symmetrical image of a white flower, I’m not sure of the species, looks like a daisy but might have too few blossoms.


Anatomy of a pink flower, macro


Who doesn’t appreciate a flower image.  Here is one from spring 2013 shot at Assiniboine Park in Winnipeg, using a Canon 100mm Macro hand held and cropped slightly for a symmetrical composition.  I’m too lazy to research the flower type at the moment, so I apologize for not including the species.

Springtime in Winnipeg, that’s what the calender says!


Spring officially arrived, on the calender anyway, but the temperature has remained below normal.  The ground is still covered in snow, so unlike Victoria there are no flowers blooming at present.  So to celebrate the upcoming warm weather here are a few from last year.


Purple Alium, Assiniboine Park




Tiger Lily