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Fergus portrait, natural light


Fergus our Great Pyrenees at 85mm F/1.4 under natural light, Those aren’t soft boxes in his eyes just 2 large windows I’m fortunate to have in my basement office.  At such a shallow depth of field it took me a few shots to get both eyes in sharp focus, and it’s critical for the eyes to be parallel to the sensor plane.  I did apply a darkening vignette with a layer mask to eliminate a distracting background.


Meeting Fergus, the first time

20121010 Mont Tremblant-70-EditThis woman was a tourist from Tokyo, Japan, who was really enamoured with Fergus. In a bizarre set of coincidences we ran across her bus tour 3 times. This was their first meeting in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, followed by a another meeting in Old Quebec City and finally at Niagara Falls. By this time she came running over to both him and Angus yelling their names. She spoke broken english and in another strange coincidence her english speaking daughter had spent years living in our own hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Two dogs enjoying winter in Winnipeg

Angus and Fergus enjoying a mild winter day.  Fergus is much larger than Angus already, and alot slower as you can see.  It took a great deal of patience to get this photo, and a lot of deletions.  I shoot mainly with the Canon 5D Mark II and as great as this camera is, it is not a true action or sports body, but with good technique the servo tracking is more then capable of capturing action sequences.  The problem then comes down to composition and the fact that 99% of the facial expressions and leg positions of these two goofballs don’t work out, but in the end a few usually do.

Adopting a shelter dog

I’m a real dog lover (all animals for that matter), and this shot perfectly illustrates the power of photography.  It says more about the importance of animal adoption, and need to spay and neuter and all those things related to keeping our furry friends happy then I could possibly say in a short blog post.  This little Terrier mix had a happy ending, and was adopted through Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue.

Here’s a photo of our own rescue dog ‘Wallace’, who was found wandering on the highway.  We adopted him from The Winnipeg Humane Society, and had him for 12 years.  He was just a terrific member of the family.  It always boggled my mind as to who would discard such a wonderful dog.  But it turned out to be our gain in the end.