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Granny Smith Apples in wood bin, Quebec

20121014 Rural Quebec-90-Edit

Rain covered Granny Smith Apples in a wood bin.  Shot in the Eastern Townships of rural Quebec on a very dreary day.


Meeting Fergus, the first time

20121010 Mont Tremblant-70-EditThis woman was a tourist from Tokyo, Japan, who was really enamoured with Fergus. In a bizarre set of coincidences we ran across her bus tour 3 times. This was their first meeting in Mont Tremblant, Quebec, followed by a another meeting in Old Quebec City and finally at Niagara Falls. By this time she came running over to both him and Angus yelling their names. She spoke broken english and in another strange coincidence her english speaking daughter had spent years living in our own hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Red door on an old Quebec church

20121014 Rural Quebec-103


From a recent road trip in Quebec’s Eastern Township’s.  On a very dull overcast day, I was having little luck spotting a great landscape shot but stumbled upon this all to common church.  Every town in this area has at least one and often several interesting old churches.  Shot again at 24mm using the Tilt/Shift for perspective correction.  Yes it can be done in photoshop but doing it in camera allows me to maintain full resolution and less time in front of the computer.