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Whirlpool, Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba


A very long exposure of the whirlpool of flowing water at Rainbow Falls in Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba.  This was slowed by about 12 stops using a very strong Neutral Density filter and polarizer for a 30 second exposure.  Several Labrador Retrievers were in the water at the time, but because they remained in motion disappeared from the frame with only a slight photoshop touch up to remove their ghosting.

Mysterious onlookers

This photo really lets your imagination soar, and works well on it’s own.  I captured these curious onlookers on Vancouver Island’s Long Beach on a very foggy morning.  I like the mystery it creates, and wasn’t sure whether to include the second image that shows what they were looking at, but after a little consideration, here it is below.

I guess the title could have just as easily been “Dog Lovers”