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Church in the middle of nowhere, Canadian Prairies


You can call it “little church on the prairie” or “church in the middle of nowhere”, but Union Point United Church has a very interesting past.  It’s the last remnant of the small town of Union Point, Manitoba.  Situated in the middle of divided Hwy 75 just south of Ste. Agathe.  The original church was built in 1887, burned down in 1939, and was rebuilt in 1940.  The town vanished in the 1950’s, steamboats, stagecoaches, and steam engines stopped here in the late 1800’s.  The town of Union Point was an important stopover point for many settlers heading west.


William M, “Alligator”



The William M, one of only three well preserved amphibious tugboats in existence, known as an “Alligator”.  This steam powered vessel is on display at the Algonquin Logging Museum in Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario, Canada.


The Willem M’s cast iron boiler.


The captain’s bridge, it doesn’t get any more basic.

Mennonite Heritage Village, Steinbach


A traditional one room Mennonite school at the Mennonite Heritage Village in Steinbach, Manitoba.  The village/museum was a pleasant surprise and offers a very large collection of historic buildings and machinery.  It is also still functional in many respects, the windmill still operates and mills the grain for bread they bake onsite, along with many other traditional mennonite crops, still harvested.  All can be sampled at the village restaurant.  The above shot was done using a tilt/shift lens and 5 images using a very subtle HDR and standard levels, curves and colour correction.


The windmill is the only operational one of it’s type in Canada.