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White-tailed deer of Assiniboine Forest, Winnipeg.


Winnipeg is fortunate to have a large urban forest within the city, known as Assiniboine Forest along with a fairly large deer population.  Unfortunately I see a lot of car/wildlife collisions of the deer as the city continues to expand around the forest.  These deer are very used to people, this was shot at 200mm on full-frame, they moved off just before the third deer popped its head up, which was the shot I was really hoping for.


It’s been a long winter, start the warm up already!

Finally a break in the chilly winter weather, the spring melt has finally arrived.  I love the clean simplicity of winter photography, but there just comes a point when you’ve had enough and long for the sound of birds and running water.  It will even be nice to feel the pavement and grass on your feet once again.


Angus did get a lot of use out of his winter coat, but now has a case of cabin fever.

Wallace and Angus visit Assiniboine Forest

Without a doubt, this is the dogs favorite nearby destination for a winter walk.  Assiniboine Forest is a very large natural area within the city of Winnipeg.  The forest is dominated by Poplar and Trembling Aspen trees, and has a pretty impressive trail network running throughout.  Nestled in the center is the Eve Weirier Pond, surrounded by marshland.  Angus and Wallace being Labrador Retriever’s love following the scents of the local deer and beaver population.

Wallace standing on top of a beaver lodge, his favorite spot.