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Great Pyrenees portrait


Fergus in black and white, with selective eye colouring


Two dogs enjoying winter in Winnipeg

Angus and Fergus enjoying a mild winter day.  Fergus is much larger than Angus already, and alot slower as you can see.  It took a great deal of patience to get this photo, and a lot of deletions.  I shoot mainly with the Canon 5D Mark II and as great as this camera is, it is not a true action or sports body, but with good technique the servo tracking is more then capable of capturing action sequences.  The problem then comes down to composition and the fact that 99% of the facial expressions and leg positions of these two goofballs don’t work out, but in the end a few usually do.

Sad sack Santa Claus dog

Angus, overjoyed that he got to dress up like Santa.   Normally I don’t much care for setup or studio animal photography, but my wife thought it would make for a nice family Christmas card, so after stopping by the local dollar store here is the result.  Not exactly a hallmark card, but he pretty much has this expression 99 % of the time.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

My puppy ‘Fergus’ is becoming a giant!

Fergus the Great Pyrenees at about 10 weeks, a few days after we got him.

About 3 months sitting outside…

In his element at a nearby park, 4 months and 1 week at this point.  Calling him a ‘giant’ may be a slight exaggeration.  We met both his parents, so are well aware of his size potential, but nevertheless his growth rate is really something to experience.   He has a very calm, easy going disposition, loves people and other dogs, and is also already exhibiting his guardian tendencies around the house.

Don’t forget to walk your dog today, it makes them so happy!

Angus, waiting to go for a winter walk.

Angus, really enjoying his winter walk.  I think the photo’s speak for themselves, don’t forget to exercise your furry friend today.

Great Pyrenees Puppy becomes a new bestie for Angus

After a year by himself, Angus finally got a new best friend.  ‘Fergus’ is a 11 week old Pyrenean Mountain Dog or Great Pyrenees, they’re getting along great, can already see a positive change in Angus.  Only one photo to post at the moment but many more are sure to follow.