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Springtime in Winnipeg, that’s what the calender says!


Spring officially arrived, on the calender anyway, but the temperature has remained below normal.  The ground is still covered in snow, so unlike Victoria there are no flowers blooming at present.  So to celebrate the upcoming warm weather here are a few from last year.


Purple Alium, Assiniboine Park




Tiger Lily




Man’s best friend, The Forks, Winnipeg

Two best friends sharing a park bench at The Forks in downtown Winnipeg.  I really like this image, not only because of this wonderful dog, but the fact he and his owner are glancing at each other as they watch passers-by.  Photography is much about timing and this is a prime example of that fleeting moment that can disappear very quickly.  The sun also manages to filter through the trees creating a nice catch light in this beautiful Golden Retriever’s eye at just the right moment.

Cracked clay of the Red River Valley, Winnipeg, Canada.

When the spring flood waters of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers recede, Winnipeg riverbanks leave behind the clay that the Red River Valley is well known for.  Locals know all to well how fun it can be to dig a hole in this stuff.  With little rain recently it takes on it’s drought like appearance.  These were shot on the banks of the Assiniboine River.

Awaiting spring, Trout Lake, Ontario

Angus, waiting for the ice to melt on Trout Lake.   He would remain disappointed, even after a few more days of mild spring weather the lake was still frozen.  However all was not lost, he did get a few brisk walks around the lake, as a swimming replacement.