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Fall colors of Winnipeg

Trembling Aspen trees, using a manual shift. This image is not Photoshopped, it is done in camera using a tilt/shift lens and nature’s own colour palette on a perfect fall day. It is white balanced, with adjustments to contrast, and levels.

Esplanade Riel Pedestrian Bridge


Lake Winnipeg waves in motion, Loni Beach, Gimli, Manitoba

Three different shots of Lake Winnipeg’s wave action, shot near Loni Beach and Gimli Beach.  These were all done using a panning technique, although this can be somewhat replicated in photoshop, anything I can do in camera and not behind the computer is always preferable.  I spend too much time sitting at the computer as it is.   Besides I think the results are better and more natural when captured on location.  Numbers 1 and 3 are horizontal pans.  Number 2 more of an experimental wobbling of the tripod, but the clouds and water turned out interesting.

Banff townsite and motion blurred clouds over Mount Rundle

This shot was taken from the outdoor patio of our hotel while my wife, Angus and I were in Banff.  I’m a big fan of long exposures, and this is the result when the climatic conditions provide you with something interesting.  Strong winds over Mount Rundle and low clouds gave rise to the interesting motion blurred effect of the clouds as they streaked by.  This image was an exposure blend from one raw file, one developed for the highlights and mid tones, the other for the dark foreground trees.

MTS Centre Arena at night and motion blurred traffic, Portage Avenue, Winnipeg

With all the talk of the NHL’s return to Winnipeg, I thought I would dig up this shot of the MTS Centre and traffic on Portage Avenue in downtown Winnipeg.  The future home to whatever franchise ends up back in Winnipeg.  Can you sense the optimism?