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Whirlpool, Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba


A very long exposure of the whirlpool of flowing water at Rainbow Falls in Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba.  This was slowed by about 12 stops using a very strong Neutral Density filter and polarizer for a 30 second exposure.  Several Labrador Retrievers were in the water at the time, but because they remained in motion disappeared from the frame with only a slight photoshop touch up to remove their ghosting.


Banff townsite and motion blurred clouds over Mount Rundle

This shot was taken from the outdoor patio of our hotel while my wife, Angus and I were in Banff.  I’m a big fan of long exposures, and this is the result when the climatic conditions provide you with something interesting.  Strong winds over Mount Rundle and low clouds gave rise to the interesting motion blurred effect of the clouds as they streaked by.  This image was an exposure blend from one raw file, one developed for the highlights and mid tones, the other for the dark foreground trees.