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Sad sack Santa Claus dog

Angus, overjoyed that he got to dress up like Santa.   Normally I don’t much care for setup or studio animal photography, but my wife thought it would make for a nice family Christmas card, so after stopping by the local dollar store here is the result.  Not exactly a hallmark card, but he pretty much has this expression 99 % of the time.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Don’t forget to walk your dog today, it makes them so happy!

Angus, waiting to go for a winter walk.

Angus, really enjoying his winter walk.  I think the photo’s speak for themselves, don’t forget to exercise your furry friend today.

Dog in a windstorm

Winter played an ugly trick on us in Winnipeg.  After a period of warm and sunny spring weather, we woke up to snow and very gusty winds.  Angus was a little irritated by it all, but it didn’t last long and warm temperatures are returning.

It’s been a long winter, start the warm up already!

Finally a break in the chilly winter weather, the spring melt has finally arrived.  I love the clean simplicity of winter photography, but there just comes a point when you’ve had enough and long for the sound of birds and running water.  It will even be nice to feel the pavement and grass on your feet once again.


Angus did get a lot of use out of his winter coat, but now has a case of cabin fever.