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Badlands landscape, Drumheller, Alberta

Badlands of Southern Alberta, near Drumheller.  This area really illustrates how wind and water erosion work on planet earth, and almost appears otherworldly in some places.  Most are familiar with a more well known photo of the hoodoos in this area, that you can essentially drive right up to, pictured below.  But if you take a short hike, you’ll find many interesting places.

Hoodoos, they look absolutely massive in this photo, but they’re not that large, although they are very impressive.  This was shot in 2010 when you could still get up close and personal, now they have built a walkway in attempt to keep people from climbing all over the rock formations, and destroying them.

Hoodoos and Badlands, Drumheller, Alberta

Hoodoos, rock formations created from wind erosion.  Located near Drumheller, Alberta, Canada in the Alberta Badlands.


Hiking near Horse Thief Canyon, and Angus watching a bird.


Hoodoos at dusk