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Badlands landscape, Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada

Dinosaur PP-48-Edit

Badlands in Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta, Canada.  They can appear almost other-worldly in the right light.  The wind gusts at the time of this image made for a nice sand blasting effect on exposed skin, and made me worry about the fine dust entering my camera and creating some nice dust spots.  I’m glad I stayed and my Canon 5D mark III passed the weather sealing test without any adverse issues.  My wife returned to our campsite with Fergus and Angus to protect their eyes from the dust storm.

Hoodoos and Badlands, Drumheller, Alberta

Hoodoos, rock formations created from wind erosion.  Located near Drumheller, Alberta, Canada in the Alberta Badlands.


Hiking near Horse Thief Canyon, and Angus watching a bird.


Hoodoos at dusk