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Surprise visitors, Stewart Canyon, Banff


These guys wandered into my landscape shot while I photographed the trestle bridge at Stewart Canyon, near Lake Minnewanka, Banff.  Now it doesn’t look like they are very close, but I was using a 16-35mm lens on my full frame camera, so they are very close.  One of those rare lucky moments took a pretty mundane image and made it much more memorable.  A group of tourists along with my wife and two dogs retreated from the bridge allowing them to cross without much stress.

We returned the next day, hoping to get them front on as they crossed, but after a couple hours of patiently waiting had to move one due to time constraints and impatient dogs, I did manage a few other images on the return including the rocky island in Lake Minnewanka, below.



Esplanade Riel Bridge on a scenic winter morning, Winnipeg, Canada

Winnipeg’s iconic Esplanade Riel Bridge and frost covered tree branches.

Takakkaw Falls, Yoho National Park, B.C.

View of Takakkaw Falls and the Yoho River in the foreground.  Because it`s a glacier fed river from the Waputik Icefield,  both the falls and river take on the stunning  turquoise color.  Located near the small town of Field, B.C., it`s well worth the trip.  Just a side note to anyone with larger RV`s, the access road has a couple very narrow and fairly steep switchbacks that may not be recommended for many.

Takakkaw Falls close up, 384 m (1260 feet) to the high point.


Bridge crossing the Yoho River

Esplanade Riel Pedestrian Bridge, Winnipeg, Canada

Winnipeg’s iconic pedestrian bridge with it’s seasonal restaurant.  The Esplanade Riel Bridge crosses the Red River in downtown Winnipeg, Manitoba.  It’s probably become the city’s most recognizable modern architectural structure, until the Canadian Museum for Human Rights is completed, that is.

From the frozen Red River

Summer view at night

In previous years , the Assiniboine River ice skating trail has run all the way to the bridge, but frazil ice prevented full completion this past winter.  The ice skating trail was extended further south down the Red, to make up for the shortfall.