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Scrap metal Recycling, Thunder Bay


Scrap metal recycling in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Came across this on a recent road trip and the bonus was it was wide open next to a road.  No trespassing or fence climbing required, which I try to avoid of course.


With an abandoned grain terminal in the background.

Abandoned Grain Elevator, Thunder Bay, Ontario


An abandoned Grain Elevator, on the Lake Superior port city of Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada.  There are quit a few of these old derelict structures in Thunder Bay this one was abandoned 18 years ago according to a local I ran across while photographing it.  Perfect for those who are fascinated with this type of photography.  But extremely dangerous structures both in a physical sense and likely a real health hazard.   The cost of demolition or re-development make these large structures a serious concern in smaller cities like Thunder Bay.  Initial thoughts of filming an apocalyptic movie come to mind, but I’m sure insurance and safety concerns would likely be out of the question unless viewed from distance.

It’s been a long winter, start the warm up already!

Finally a break in the chilly winter weather, the spring melt has finally arrived.  I love the clean simplicity of winter photography, but there just comes a point when you’ve had enough and long for the sound of birds and running water.  It will even be nice to feel the pavement and grass on your feet once again.


Angus did get a lot of use out of his winter coat, but now has a case of cabin fever.

Lake Winnipeg scenic landscape and some not so nice Blue-Green Algae, Victoria Beach

A sunset shot of Lake Winnipeg, on Victoria Beach during late summer of 2010.   Blue-Green Algae made an appearance in the south basin.

A previous post from this past summer showing, waves of Algae in motion on Victoria Beach.

Esplanade Riel Bridge on a scenic winter morning, Winnipeg, Canada

Winnipeg’s iconic Esplanade Riel Bridge and frost covered tree branches.

Winter storm Winnipeg

The current storm hammering the US Midwest and Eastern seaboard inspired me to post what is common for us hardy Winnipegger’s.   A winter storm from a few days back.


Hats off to the snow removal crews, this stairway was cleared just after this shot was taken!