Delicious Kale Smoothie made with the Magic Bullet

My wife has a food blog and I do the majority of the photography for her.  The Kale Smoothie pictured above  is a  recent concoction made with one of her favorite gadgets, the Magic Bullet.  It might not look that appetizing to some, but it tastes great and is basically a new age superfood.  I won’t go into detail about the health benefits of such a drink, but Kale is an amazing vegetable, and for someone like myself, who doesn’t get enough fruits and vegetables this is a terrific way to get your daily requirement.  Best of all it’s very easy and quick to make, even a guy who completely lacks any culinary skill like myself, can blend up one of these.

For a couple simple to make variations of the recipe visit her blog at the following… Kale Smoothie Recipe


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