Adopting a shelter dog

I’m a real dog lover (all animals for that matter), and this shot perfectly illustrates the power of photography.  It says more about the importance of animal adoption, and need to spay and neuter and all those things related to keeping our furry friends happy then I could possibly say in a short blog post.  This little Terrier mix had a happy ending, and was adopted through Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue.

Here’s a photo of our own rescue dog ‘Wallace’, who was found wandering on the highway.  We adopted him from The Winnipeg Humane Society, and had him for 12 years.  He was just a terrific member of the family.  It always boggled my mind as to who would discard such a wonderful dog.  But it turned out to be our gain in the end.


2 thoughts on “Adopting a shelter dog”

  1. Wow, Wallace is beautiful! I found a stray once and gave him the same name (after Alfred E. Wallace). I have a shelter dog too that I can’t imagine why anybody would’ve thrown him away… he’s huge (about 110lbs) but basically perfect, really well-mannered and affectionate. Having him is better than therapy. 😀

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