Artistic freedom in Landscape Photography, Vermillion Lakes, Banff

The beauty of digital landscape photography is you as the photographer have a great deal of artistic freedom.  Here is an image of the Vermillion Lakes in Banff National Park.  With a little tweaking it becomes a much more dramatic composition.  I was going for a similar look that in the film days would have required a tobacco filter.  This was a blend of two RAW files one exposed for the foreground the other for the sky.

The topic of artistic freedom and image manipulation will always be an ongoing debate.  With High Dynamic Range photography and Photoshop manipulated images all over the web.  My personnel view is to create images that could have been accomplished with multiple exposures and filters used in the days of film.  But, by no means do I have any great problem with photographers who manipulate images with HDR software such as Photomatix.  To each there own, I must admit though, there are some horrid examples of over manipulated, cartoon like images all over the internet.  Definitely not my cup of tea.


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