Photography, behind the scenes, in memory of my dog ‘Wallace’

So much of what makes photography fascinating and so popular to the masses is the capability of freezing moments in time.  Those fleeting brief slices of your life that you may never experience again.  What struck me recently was that there is so much more to creating an image then just the final outcome viewed in print or digitally.  It’s about the process or background, think of it like how a song from your youth stirs up a vivid memory of a specific time, person or event.  The same can be said for the photographic process.

So why is this important?  I never really thought that seriously about it until recently, when my dog “Wallace’ became gravely ill and died at 12 years.  Wallace had been such a major and important part of my life, I never realized just how much.  He accompanied my wife and I for years on most photo excursions and was always there.  He slept on the floor in my office while I edited, or keyworded for stock agencies.  But he did all those amazing things that dogs do that make them the wonderful soulful creatures that they are.  But the reality is he’s gone and it will take some serious time to accept it.  I don’t want to get too philosophical but each image has lost a little something.  So I am dedicating this site and these recent images of Mountain Goats in Jasper that I know Wallace would have loved watching me photograph from the car patiently waiting as he always did.

Wallace on his favorite chair

Wallace, his best friend Angus and my wife

Mountain Goats he would have enjoyed seeing.

In better times


2 thoughts on “Photography, behind the scenes, in memory of my dog ‘Wallace’”

  1. That was beautifully said. Wallace looks like such an absolute sweetheart. I find myself taking photos of my dogs at every opportunity I can get. I know that I won’t have them forever in body, but I will be able to keep them with me in photos and memories.

    I have no doubt you and your wife have some amazing memories of that sweet pup.

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