Wallace and Angus visit Lake Winnipeg and their favorite beach.

Summer weekends at Manitoba’s well known beaches can get very busy, and if you have Labrador Retrievers who love getting wet you’re out of luck, with the restrictions at most public beaches.  However on Hecla Island’s northwest shoreline is Sunset Beach which is secluded and dog friendly and therefore a favorite of Wallace and Angus.

Wallace at almost 12 years and he still has it.  A little stiff after wards, but fine the next day.

Angus, crashing through the Lake Winnipeg waves.

After the dogs had there fun, I managed a few test shots with canon’s new 100L IS macro, and will say it is a terrific lens, extremely sharp and virtually no fringing or CA and the image stabilization is very effective.   I’ve owned the Sigma 150 macro in the past, which was a stellar lens, but the Canon is superior in many respects.  In real world sharpness it is likely very close, but in all other respects I believe the Canon to be superior.  Many may prefer the Sigma’s focal length, and included tripod collar.  But I prefer the 100mm length myself on FF.  I rarely shoot skittish creatures, anyway.  Sigma’s inclusion of the tripod collar and reasonable price make for a terrific value in quality glass.

Leaf on Sunset Beach

Peeling paint on an old wooden boat

Rusted old boiler, which powered a sawmill in Hecla Village, from a time long past.

Hecla Village Church, thanks to my wife’s nephew for inspiring this image.  He was along for the day trip and was documenting his journey with his own point and shoot camera.

If interested in seeing more of Hecla Island, visit my earlier post at Hecla Island


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