Food and drink photography and a fresh new cooking blog

A new foray into food and drink photography, thanks to my wife and her wonderful new cooking blog.  I’ve only dabbled in this form of photography from time to time, usually on long dark winter days.  But with a little coaxing I’m now a part time food photographer and contributor to her food blog.  It’s worth a look, of course I am biased, but should provide for a very useful resource for excellent tried and true recipes and other culinary adventures, and of course Wallace and Angus will be stopping by often.  Check it out at

Pasta sauce for Spaghetti Bolognese

Greek olive oil buns with onions and blue cheese, they were good…

Angus plopped down in the middle of the kitchen waiting patiently.

A few lemons on a wooden plank, destined to become  Meyer Lemon Gnocchi.


2 thoughts on “Food and drink photography and a fresh new cooking blog”

  1. Lovely photos!

    I’m a fan of all things cooking and family related, and your composition is great! I’ll be sure to check out your wife’s blog. I’m new to the blogosphere, and I’d be very appreciative of tips and visits to my rogue young page 🙂

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