Mowing grass the environmentally friendly way

Whenever my wife or I cut our grass with our manual push mower we still get comments from the odd passer-by.  We’ve even been asked if we’d like to borrow their gas mower.  Inevitably I explain we actually have a gas mower as well, but prefer using the push mower as often as possible.  This can lead to uncomfortable silence, and confusion especially on the part of the passer-by.  We also don’t use chemicals on our lawn, and maybe one of the few in the neighborhood without the weekly sprayer truck sign on our front lawn.  Now granted we aren’t after the perfect manicured golf green that many aspire to attain.  But are lawn is an equal to the vast majority in our neighborhood, other than the fanatical, you know who I mean.

We get asked how well the mower works, and I reply, “great”, as long as you do it a little more often since once the grass becomes long it doesn’t work as well.  They usual reply, ‘good for you’.  But, I suspect they really don’t see the point, perhaps it seems like a lot of work.  But these new reel mowers are not like the old hard to push kind your grandfather had on his farm that you could barely budge.  I don’t want to get all “preachy”, but when you consider the effort to get the gas, the odd oil change, the noise, cost, smell, environmental impact etc., it seems very logical to me.  Worse yet are those that have a lawn company show up with a truck and trailer and riding mower to cut a small swath of grass weekly.  Now that’s environmental impact.  Just a disclaimer if you are elderly etc. I fully understand and have no ill will towards hard working lawn care professionals.  But, it just seems to me here in North America with all the talk of environmental conservation, it still seems like there is a bit of a stigma associated with  those who attempt to live a slightly greener lifestyle.


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