Winter rears is ugly head in Winnipeg, for one last time.

Assiniboine Park

The snow had finally vanished, an overly anxious neighbor even had his lawn sprinkler running.  Crazy for March in Winnipeg.  The one thing you learn living on the Canadian Prairies and much of Canada for that matter is that Spring weather is very unpredictable.  Blizzards can dump a foot of snow or it can be 20C above zero.  We awoke to something in the middle only amounting to a few centimeters.  So remember to hold off on putting away your shovels, winter clothing and block heater cords until you’re sure it’s safe.  Here’s a few random images from the past and very scenic winter season.  I mention scenic only because we had an abundance of frost, foggy winter days which offered some great photographic opportunities.

Assiniboine Forest

Dressed for a mild winter day

Ice climber in St. Boniface

Here’s to springs rapid return.


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