Prairie Landscapes when the snow is dirty.

Storage silos on the Manitoba Prairie.

In my neck of the woods, once the winter snow recedes I often slowdown my shooting.  Garbage and brown messy snow rears it’s ugly head and landscape images in particular don’t do much for me.  But that doesn’t mean there is nothing to photograph.  The rebirth of the Spring season can be a fantastic time, but there is a period before the rivers and streams start flowing and the first plants emerge from the soil that can be a little on the bland side.  I really concentrate on using dramatic lighting and simple compositions during this period, and often incorporate more industrial elements into the landscape image rather then just the natural environment.

The above image, is an example of simple storage bins in silhouette at sunset.  The foreground snow covered field shows some interesting texture when back lit, but is pretty unappealing during the day.  This photo reminded me in a small way of Stonehenge in England, of course not nearly as interesting.

Hydro electric transmission towers north of Winnipeg

Fall harvest near St. Leon, Manitoba

Thanks to farmers stubble burning and filling the sky with smoke, the shot of working combines in silhouette becomes an interesting combination of shapes and tones.

The above image of grain silos, probably doesn’t really apply to the post.  The Canola fields are in full colorful bloom and the sky is clear and blue, not bad conditions at all.  But I thought it emphasized the tight and simple composition of the Silos, and the small yellow/blue background.  The close crop and isolation of the metal bins can turn a shot in bad conditions into something really interesting.  Of course it’s even better when the conditions are perfect.  But, you can’t be everywhere at once.


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