Winter Photography; blowing snow and low clouds

Living in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, we get more than our fair share of very cold inclement winter weather.  In fact, Winnipeg is considered one of the coldest cities in the world.  Now this isn’t going to be a post complaining about the weather.  In fact, it’s the exact opposite, these conditions can provide for some very interesting images.  I admit it’s not easy photographing ice fishing shacks in the open on Lake Winnipeg in January, but when the snow flies and clouds role in you don’t need to head back home.   The above image was shot on a dull dreary day in the Rockies, but the strong elements and textures make for a nice black and white print.

Pulled over in heavy snowfall.  The weather conditions become the subject of what would otherwise be a pretty boring image.

Walking Angus on a blustery winter day, Winnipeg


2 thoughts on “Winter Photography; blowing snow and low clouds”

  1. Great shots. It’s pretty cold in your neck of the woods. Meanwhile, I freeze in North Texas with this artic front that hit yesterday leaving us in 17 F degree temps. Brrr.

    1. Judging by our upcoming forecast, it looks as though we are reversing winter weather conditions, at least for a few days. It will be above freezing in sunshine for the next little while, a nice change from the norm. Thanks for stopping by and I hope it warms up for you.

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