Ice Fishing on Lake Winnipeg

Ice Fisherman returning from his shack on frozen Lake Winnipeg.

Every year an assortment of different fishing shacks are dragged out onto the lake.  Some are like miniature cottages complete with stoves, little kitchenettes, and comfortable seating to wait out the fish.  Others are simply wind breaks, offering protection from the harsh chilling wind of the Canadian prairie winter.

Fishing Shack under the moonlit night, near Gimli, Manitoba

Tire tracks leading out to a distant ice shack.


2 thoughts on “Ice Fishing on Lake Winnipeg”

  1. Hey Ken,

    Great photos and very nice site. I was hoping you could help me with some information reguarding annual ice conditions. I am planning to treck from the Northern end of lake Winnipeg to the south this January as a traing trip for a future crossing of Greenland. I was looking for information reguarding ice freeze up, when the lake is usually froze over solid and what thickness in general at that time of the year as well as if there are any paticulary unstable areas of the lake that you would suggest to stay clear from at any time of the year. I am hoping to leave from at least Grand Rapids or possible farther north if possible around the 7th of January. Any information that you could provide me would be greatly appreciated at your earlier convienience.

    Thank you for your time,
    Ben Shillington

    1. Hi Ben, I’m afraid this might be a little out of my area of expertise. I am only familiar with the southern basin, and stick strictly to snowmobile and well established trails on the frozen lake. But I can tell you that water levels in the Red and Assiniboine rivers are up substantially this year which may affect Lake Winnipeg, this may be a concern. The area most notorious may be where the north and south basins meet, in the somewhat narrowed channel. It is known for stronger, dangerous currents, but like I said I am no expert. You might try contacting Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht at the University of Manitoba. He is known as ‘Professor Popsicle’ and is well known as an expert in cold weather human survival. I don’t know him personally, but he has taken similar trips on Lake Winnipeg.

      Best of luck,
      Ken Gillespie

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