Lake Winnipeg Freeze up

Grand Beach Provincial Park, Manitoba

It still amazes me at this time of year how quickly the lakes and rivers freeze over.  Only a short time ago, I can remember enjoying Thanksgiving at a friends cottage on the west side of Lake Winnipeg.  It was a perfectly nice fall day, not a sign of winter yet.  Although I had already experienced my first seasons winter blast in early October, while in the Rockies.  Once returning to Manitoba it seemed as though we had entered a time warp of sorts, we had left Alberta in near blizzard conditions and returned to Manitoba to enjoy an above seasonal fall.  Of course, weather can change very dramatically in the Canadian Prairies, now we are left with the bone chilling cold of the winter months.  But not all is bad, soon the ice will be thick enough on the rivers and lakes for all sorts of winter activities that take place on Manitoba’s frozen waterways.  Those that embrace the winter are already enjoying the benefits the cold weather brings with it.  I for one, like the fact we can experience four distinct seasons.  Do I get cabin fever?  You bet;  once March rolls around I really look forward to spring’s arrival, but at this time of year I’m ready to enjoy the winter season.

Gimli, Manitoba on Lake Winnipeg, Thanksgiving weekend

Ice forming on the Red River, north of Winnipeg

Lester Beach, Lake Winnipeg


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