Adventures of Wallace and Angus

O.K., so this is a photo blog, that will deal with landscape, travel and nature photography for the most part.  But, I like many facets of photography, one being photographing my own dogs and any other mutts I come across.  So in the interest of breaking things up a little bit, and keeping things light once in awhile.  I figured it might be worthwhile to chronicle some of the interesting and maybe not so interesting adventures of Wallace and Angus.  Besides, on those really frigid winter days, or when I’m in a creative slump, I can always point the camera in their direction.

Episode 1:  The introduction

Name:  Wallace

Personality:  Laid back, not easily impressed, a creature of habit

Hobbies:  Eating, sleeping, running in the park

Wallace is a 9-year-old Chocolate Lab. mix.  He was a rescue  from the Winnipeg Humane Society, found along a highway west of the city.  In the photo you’ll notice he is missing an eye, due to a year-long battle with a fungal infection known as Blastomycosis.  Other than appearance, the disease has had no long-term effects on his health.  Blasto. has a fairly high level of re occurrence, but after 4 years he is still disease free.

Name: Angus

Personality:  demanding, greedy, center of the universe complex

Hobbies:  Following me everywhere, tracking, rolling in stuff

Angus is a 3-year-old Yellow Lab.   His ancestors were English Labs. bred for hunting, he is strong willed and can be a handful.   Since we are not hunters, he and Wallace travel with us often on photo excursions instead.

Stay tuned for more episodes!


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