Photographic inspiration and a lifelong love of horses

I’m an avid animal lover, particularly dogs.  When I visit someone’s home with a dog, I must admit I’m more drawn to the dog then the people I’m visiting.  Some may consider that strange, but it happens naturally, so there’s not much I can do about it.  Animals just bring a smile to my face, and animal abusers, well I’ll just say, they are the bottom of the barrel in my view.  But that’s a whole other story.

A couple years ago I caught the fascinating documentary of New York Photographer Robert M. Dutesco, as he photographed the wild horses of Sable Island off the east coast of Canada.   I was mesmerized while watching, a fashion photographer in this amazing stark, purely natural environment.  The Sable horses exist with no predators on this isolated windswept island.  They arrived decades earlier, the result of a shipwreck.

For reasons I don’t totally understand, I have always been interested in horses.  Perhaps I think of them as big dogs, I don’t really know why.  I grew up in a city, had virtually no contact with them, until I began photographing them later in life.  In fact I have ridden a horse exactly once, and it was not at all memorable.  The horses I see on the Canadian Prairie and Robert Dutesco’s adventure on Sable Island have inspired me to create some of my own series.


2 thoughts on “Photographic inspiration and a lifelong love of horses”

    1. Hi, yes prints are available on my gallery site at I am actually re-editing several of these horse images and will be including them for sale. I would hold off about a week for several updated images. The prints are gallery quality, including a variety of styles including canvas wraps etc. up to 24 x 36 inches.

      Best regards,

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